680 North 500 West

Provo, Utah 84601

Sam Soter, Manager

(801) 830-2429 days

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Thanks for your interest in Parkside Apartments.

Parkside is nestled immediately adjacent to a quiet, beautiful Provo City park. The location is wonderful.

The buildings have been designed with a tasteful architectural quality which we believe makes them aesthetically superior to any apartments in Utah Valley.

You will be very excited about the quality of this community when you see it.

First and second floor units: $775 plus utilities. Third floor units with vaulted ceilings: $825 plus utilities.

Currently Available Apartments

Available on January 26, 2018: Third floor unit with vaulted ceilings and no coat closet. South side unit with balcony overlooking the park. $825 plus utilities.

Available on February 3, 2018: Third floor unit with vaulted ceilings with a coat closet. West side unit end unit with just one adjacent neighbor. $825 plus utilities.

If you'd like something similar to Parkside, but a nice step up, you may be interested in looking at the Old Chapel Apartments.